Monday, November 06, 2006

Given Enough Rope....

....Peter MacKay will hang himself.

Which is why he isn't saying much of anything about the Saddam Hussein's upcoming hanging:

Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay said he'll reserve passing judgment on the matter until the appeals process is complete.

"They've had an open and transparent trial where evidence was heard, but at this point, my understanding is there is an appeal process to follow, so given that fact, I think it would be pre-emptive to be passing any judgments or making any firm public declarations until all of those avenues have been exhausted,'' he said.

"Obviously there is an impact on the ground in Iraq that we have to be very cognizant of, but I suspect as with most processes, this appeal will delay the inevitable.''

MacKay's comments came following a speech at a United Jewish Appeal Federation dinner in which he affirmed Canada's support of Israel.

Just this once, I might have had more respect for him if he'd shot from the hip like he usually does.

Oh well. At least he didn't call Hussein a dog.

Source: CTV

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Hector B. said...

"But, after barely six months of a weak minority government in which at least one of the key portfolios is wielded by the emptiest of empty suits, Stephen Harper has nevertheless succeeded in modestly changing the tone."

Mark Steyn, The Western Standard - August 28, 2006

We all know to whom Mr. Steyn is referring.