Friday, November 17, 2006

Ho Ho Ho

The grinches at the Toronto Transit Commission have stolen Christmas early this year from one of the city's most bizarre characters:

Zanta, notorious for doing push-ups in nothing but a Santa hat and shorts, has been banned from Toronto's transit system.

The oddball busker, a.k.a. David Zancai, received a probation order stating he is "not permitted on any TTC property or vehicle other than surface routes" for a two-year period. Moreover, bus drivers across the city have refused him access as well.

"I've lost my freedoms. I can't move. I can't go nowhere," Mr. Zancai says. "They don't like it when I do push-ups or say, 'Yes, Yes, Yes,' and 'Merry Christmas.' But I refuse to take my hat off."

You haven't truly experienced Toronto until you've seen Zanta doing push-ups on the subway without a shirt on in the middle of January. Unlike most of the crazies in this city, he is neither a tragic diseased and drug-addled wreck nor a selfish, slovenly welfare parasite.

He is what he is, an eccentric annoyance, but still, an entertaining annoyance.


William E. Demers said...

I always see him in Yorkville begging for money. I'm glad the TTC has banned him.

jeff said...

i have witnessed zanta more times than i can count. having 2 young children, i can assure you that he is not harmless. he is, however, ill. i'm glad he's banned too.

Joan Tintor said...

If you find him so entertaining, then move him into your house.

Being stuck on a subway car with this Tourette's-addled loudmouth is no treat, and I have experienced it at least twice. Good for the TTC and I am going to tell them so.