Monday, November 06, 2006

David Miller Unveiled

You'd think that in the great Potemkin village of multiculturalism that is Toronto, courting the Muslim vote would be top priority for mayoralty candidates eager to show off their tolerance and diversity bona fides.

Unfortunately, Jane Pitfield couldn't find a burqa to wear.

And Stephen LeDrew came down with a sudden unexplained "illness."

But David Miller was there and ready to defend the veil:

Questions covered a wide range, but some zeroed in on diversity, including Miller's views on the opinion of Jack Straw, the senior Labour Party politician on Britain who said he would prefer Muslim women not to wear veils over their faces.

"I don't know exactly what Jack Straw said, but I think I disagree vehemently with what he said," Miller said.

"One of the strengths of Toronto is we can respect our own traditions and still be Torontonians.

"And I think it's an incredible strength, because we learn from each other and we all become stronger, and I support the right of people to choose."

He still doesn't get it about the veil. And he never will.

Source: Toronto Star


torian said...

how can one "not know what was said" yet "disagree vehemently with what was said"? I guess Miller has extraordinary powers?

Jason Bo Green said...

I can't believe this man is Mayor. His Toronto isn't mine. Jack Straw is right, no question at all - I am opposed to veils and I am opposed to subjugation of women. I'm long disappointed in Miller, but he has just made a bitter enemy of me with this sad mis-step.

jeff said...

jason bo green, please vote pitfield then. a woman who can't manage her own campaign would be a great choice for mayor. as for veils, you don't like them? don't wear them. it's really none of your business what people wear though, is it? the defenders of free speech seem awfully intolerant when it comes to clothing.
as for the authour of this blog, we already know what a twit you are.

Anonymous said...

Miller is an unprincipled pathetic groveller, it's no wonder Liberals find money to give him.

Muslims may want to separate their cattle from the rest of society, but their cattle are human too - so it should be an unacceptable practice in civilized countries.

Muslims should be encouraged to emigrate to the uncivilized countries where backwardness is law.

Adrian MacNair said...

Lastman still makes Miller look like a Prince among men.