Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hit The Silk

This little exchange in the House of Commons between Stephen Harper and Bill Graham had to hurt:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and interim Liberal leader Bill Graham traded barbs over the recent Asia Pacific Summit and the best place to wear a silk gown. It started by Graham kidding the prime minister about the blue gown he wore for a photo op in Vietnam, telling Harper he "looked spectacular."

The prime minister shot back that wearing local garb is a tradition at the APEC summit and that unlike Graham, he was wears his "silk on the outside."

I'm amazed that the usual suspects aren't up in arms denouncing Harper for promoting "homophobic stereotypes" on the floor of the House.

Source: CBC


KristinB said...

Give it time and the usual suspects will show up...

Anne (happier in Ontario) said...

I took it as a remark meaning that Graham was an elitist, guess I was wrong??

Read the whole thing via the link to CBC, I found it amusing, my bad!

SUZANNE said...

At least Bill Graham didn't whine about being a victim.