Sunday, November 19, 2006

Final Offer

Going down to the temp labour agency to pick up a few extra bucks between jobs has its peculiar risks, but none usually more peculiar than ending up doing really hard and dirty scut work.

In Iraq, however, it's just another excuse to blow people up:

A man in a southern Iraqi city offered jobs to draw a crowd of day labourers to his van on Sunday, then detonated a bomb that killed 22 people and wounded 44 others.

He drove up to the men in the mostly Shia Muslim city of Hillah, 90 kilometres south of Baghdad, and set off his explosives as they gathered around the vehicle, police said.

The explosion shattered windows of a nearby store. One of the survivors, Mohammed Abbas Kadhim, said he was thrown a few metres by the blast.

"I couldn't see or hear for a few minutes as I was lying on the ground. People were racing everywhere looking for their missing sons, brothers, friends — all of them shouting, 'God is great."'

That's what you get for taking up any offer to make money.

And for not killing them all and letting Allah sort them out at the beginning of the war.

Source: CBC

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Anonymous said...

I'd love to see all these soft and comfy guys here go and do a tour in Afghan if they love their country(s) so much.