Thursday, November 30, 2006

Screaming Into The Void

If Karl Rove had given the keynote address at the 2004 Conservative leadership convention, the media and opposition would never have let up with their conspiracy theories about American and Republican Party control of the Tories and the country.

Howard Dean can address the Liberals, however, and those same voices fall silent.

Well, almost all of them:

Leadership candidate Ken Dryden was perhaps the bluntest of the field when he told the Toronto Star earlier this month:

"Whatever interesting things Mr. Dean might say, and I'm sure he has lots of interesting things to say, it's just not the place. This is an event that has to do with us."

That sentiment was still evident Wednesday evening.

"I don't know why they got an American," one elderly Ignatieff delegate groused to a campaign worker. "I don't like it."

Oh, the irony of the last statement.

Source: National Post

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Anonymous said...

ah yes, I do love irony... Clinton wasn't available?