Monday, November 27, 2006

Fear Factor

It is not general election time yet, for Canada nor for Alberta, but two extremely terrifying prospects to the denizens of the Globe and Mail newsrooms--the reversal of the homosexual "marriage" law and the succession of Ted Morton to the premiership of Alberta--have led to the hasty revival of the fear campaign.

And because they're by John Ward of the Canadian Press, they'll be in every paper across the land today.

The lede in this article tells the reader why to fear Ted Morton:

An American-born social conservative who preaches against same-sex marriage, promotes privatized health care and wants more powers for Alberta is emerging as a serious threat in the race to replace Premier Ralph Klein.

And the second paragraph in this one brings us a familiar scare by an all too familiar figure:

Garth Turner also says that, while MPs are being muzzled, he believes there is a pipeline between Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office and some activists on the religious right — or as he calls them, “the righteous right.”

Proper-thinking Canadians will be expected to take to their beds again on reading these articles and piss them with fear.

That is all.

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Alberta Girl said...

Yep - those scary, scary GWB wannabe, paleo-cons might just come and inhabit the bodies of ordinary Canadians - lock your doors,hide your children, hang the garlic outside the door.