Monday, April 24, 2006

50 Ways To Leave Your Liver

In all seriousness though, this man is a truly selfless benefactor. Most of us wouldn't even cross the street to help this poor child, let alone give up part of a vital organ:

In an extreme act of generosity, Canada-based Kevin Gosling donated a part of his liver to a 5-year old comatose child to help him recover from an incurable liver disease . He further stated that he had no regrets about donating his organ to a complete stranger or about putting his own life at risk, adding that he would do it again, if necessary.

The impact a kidney donation had on one of his family friends is said to have been instrumental in shaping the decision of this 46-year old man. The enthusiastic donor was seen wearing a bright green ribbon, expressing his desire for organ donation, at a press meet.


The child had an intrinsic enzyme deficiency that placed him with the constant risk of permanent brain damage, coma and eventually death. 'Imagine if your child had to take a special formula and medications every six hours -- in fact about 40 pills a day and had to be on a severely restricted low-protein diet. Where do you turn to for hope? Hope for us came in the form of an angel-donor named Kevin', said a letter from the recipient's family.

The potential donor had to face 12 hours of extensive interrogation by psychiatrists and doctors before they concluded his humanitarian motive. The much-awaited green signal was then given to the six-hour transplant surgery that carried a 0.5 percent risk of death.

Sign your organ donor card so that people don't have to depend on random chance or the kindness of strangers for life-saving transplants. You might even need to get one yourself one day. And Kevin Goslings are few and far between.


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Danté said...

Well, keep in mind that the liver regenerates. None the less, what an outstanding thing for this man to do! God bless him richly for his selflessness!