Friday, April 07, 2006

Sons Of Privilege

The surviving sons of Canada's unofficial royal house are much in the news these days, perhaps to provide cover for the recent embarrassing revelation of their father's youthful flirtation with a quasi-fascist Quebec separatist group.

Crown prince Justin will advise the Liberal Party on how to win back the support of youth, all from the perspective of a very youthful 34-year old.

And Alexandre has offered to stand surety for a suspected Al-Qaeda terrorist to make sure he keeps curfew, goes to work and doesn't run back home to help the worldwide Islamic revolution.

Can you not hear the children of the Trudeau era pining for a restoration to the throne?


Guelph First said...

Am I the only one that remembers PET giving the finger to Canadian? Having a 20% approval rating just before he quit? And spending, spending, spending?

PGP said...

I'm with you.

And as for these SOB's not in my country.