Thursday, April 13, 2006

Tanker Saves Lord

You have to admit that this was a deft way to keep a disgruntled backbencher's defection from sinking a government.

Approbation, elevation, and castration, all in one stroke.

And now he's seen the error of his ways.

Perhaps Bernard Lord isn't as overrated as everyone thinks.

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herringchoker said...

Actually Lord has displayed surprising strength since this all began. It's as though he reached down deep inside and found his mettle. I think he decided that he was going to have to face the voters sooner, rather than later, and so brought forward his re-election agenda a bit early. (Having Stephen in Ottawa has certainly helped).

His castration of Tanker in Feb probably played a lot better outside the province than within. Mike Malley is not the brightest bulb on the tree, but he's a fixture around here. He genuinely is an amiable fellow and so, his disemboweling by the premier had mixed results. It certainly made Tanker look foolish and naive, but it also made Lord look a bit of the heavy.

On the other hand, letting Tanker become Speaker was inspired. The Grits have been apoplectic ever since. Tanker's return to the fold however, doesn't really change that much. The Tories are technically in the majority, but as the Speaker generally votes for the status quo, having him inside caucus doesn't improve their position.

Now...if the RCMP bring charges against Frank Branch (the other independent)...

I'm looking to a fall campaign. Two Grits have already bowed out and the north is in play again. Ah...good times...