Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Nosey Parker

Even the most carefully planned and coordinated media strategy cannot prevent embarrassing situations like this from happening.

The Parliamentary Press Gallery may be rather less mature and more unruly than this tot, but they have something to lose if they don't adjust their attitudes and expectations.

This child does not.

You can just see the Liberal spin machine having a field day with this picture. "See why Canadians don't like to be led by the nose, Mr. Harper?"

He still hasn't completely lived down that Brokeback Mountain getup he wore at the Calgary Stampede.

This photo will become an instant classic, just like Stanfield dropping the football.

Cute babies are even more dangerous than wayward footballs.


wilson61 said...

I must have seen that pic 8 times, I love it! anyone who has anything to do with kids will smile, it is so everyday normal.

RobC said...

A little more proof that this guy is a normal Canadian parent.

andycanuck said...

And the front page of the Toronto Star told the lie that the child was making "a point" about daycare.

Anonymous said...

Everyone who is a father will recognize this picture. My children *all* tweaked my nose at some point. And I had the same funny-now-but-it-hurt-like-heck-at-the-time expression Stephen Harper has.

More proof, not that any was needed, that our PM is a regular guy, not an elitist snob (hello, Mr. Ignatieff and Mr. Rae).