Monday, April 10, 2006

Taliban Thanks Jack

Whenever one of our soldiers in Afghanistan is killed or injured in the line of duty, the left complains that Canada is being trapped in a Vietnam-style quagmire and demands the immediate recall of our forces.

The bien pensants in the Annex, CBC and NDP strengthen the resolve of the Taliban and their allies as a result.

Here's the proof:

In a weekend interview with The Canadian Press, insurgent spokesman Qari Yuosaf Ahmedi said the Taliban are convinced the resolve of the Canadian people is weak.

As suicide attacks and roadside blasts increase, the public will quickly grow weary, he said.

“We think that when we kill enough Canadians they will quit war and return home,” Mr. Ahmedi said in an interview, conducted through a translator, over a satellite telephone.

Given the fact troops are already deployed, Mr. Ahmedi suggested Monday's House of Commons debate as a sign of indecision among Canadians.

In addition to his fire-breathing rhetoric, the Taliban's public relations spokesman claimed that the insurgency had recruited 180 suicide bombers for operations in and around Kandahar over the next few weeks.

He said they are prepared to attack Canadians “any one else, at any place and at any time.”

But coalition commanders had a vastly different assessment, painting the Taliban as cornered, marginalized into rural pockets, struggling to raise money and find recruits.

“The reason we think the Taliban are falling apart is because the pattern of attacks we're seeing is not co-ordinated,” said Major Quentin Innis, a Canadian liaison officer with the local community.

“It may appear there are a lot of attacks going on and those are regretable.”

The Afghan insurgents know they have no hope of winning the war by conventional means. So they're going to play to their fifth columnists in the West, whose predominance in the media provides them a powerful advantage in shaping public opinion.

The Taliban thanks you, Jack Layton, for making their job easier.

Imagine if this lot had been running the country and press during World War II. We'd have pulled out of the war right after Dieppe or Hong Kong, if not sooner.

Source: Globe and Mail

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