Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hide And Go Seek

The Iranian government isn't even pretending to play along with the United Nations and its inspectors who couldn't find enriched uranium if it was glowing in the dark in front of them:

Iran warned on Tuesday it will sever relations with the United Nations atomic watchdog if sanctions are imposed over its nuclear drive and vowed a military attack would merely send its activities underground.

Despite the tough rhetoric from the Islamic regime, diplomats in Vienna said a high-level Iranian delegation was to hold last-minute talks on Wednesday with the UN atomic agency ahead of a UN deadline on Friday for it to suspend uranium enrichment.

National security chief Ali Larijani had earlier refused to rule out using oil as a weapon in the worsening international stand-off, warning of "important consequences" for energy supplies if Iran was subjected to "radical measures".

"If you decide to use sanctions against us, our relations with the agency will be suspended," Larijani said of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The IAEA has been investigating Iran for more than three years, and any cut in ties would spell an end to international inspections and monitoring of nuclear facilities inside the Islamic republic.

This is the world's fourth largest producer of crude oil, ladies and gentlemen. Our economy's lifeblood flows through arteries controlled by Islamic lunatics who--unlike the Soviets before them--will gladly turn half the world into a radioactive charnel house if it brings back the Twelfth Imam.

If they want to send their nuke program underground, send them underground along with it--covered in rubble.

Source: The Mail & Guardian

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