Monday, April 10, 2006


A simple rule of thumb for ladies looking for love and romance on the Internet: every man is five years older, three inches shorter, twenty pounds heavier and making $30,000 less a year than he claims.

And half of them are married.

But if they're Muslim, they don't have to hide that last fact:

MUSLIM men in Australia are trawling "marriage websites" looking for second wives in what Immigration officials say is a growing illegal trade.

And Muslim leaders have warned that men who take second wives from overseas face jail or deportation.

A Sunday Herald Sun investigation has found Muslim men are using the internet to attract second wives with promises of financial security.

Immigration officials are investigating a growing number of second marriages and say anyone found to have committed bigamy will be prosecuted.


The Sunday Herald Sun investigation identified 77 married men in Australia who were looking for a second wife.

A reporter registered on the sites, posing as a young Muslim woman from Pakistan, and was able to search through the profiles of potential husbands.

The men, aged between 18 and 60, promised their brides houses and financial security provided they accept male leadership and wear a hijab after the wedding.

You can be sure if it's happening in Australia, it's happening here too. And within the next few years, some activist judge is going to make it all legal and Parliament will just roll over and play dead for the courts.

Your wish may yet come true, Professor Bailey. Decriminalization today, legalization tomorrow.

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