Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Caffeine Buzz

It could only happen in Yorkville, where the 60s hippies stayed to become today's upscale snobs:

Coca-Cola is planning to use Toronto as a test market for a new coffee brand and has leased space for a 4,000-square-foot store in Yorkville, sources confirmed yesterday.

Forbes.com printed a story in its online edition on Friday that suggested the soft drink maker was planning to set up a restaurant chain to take on Starbucks Corp.

Coke spokesman Andras Kallos said yesterday the company is always looking for growth and that "fresh-brewed beverages" are part of that plan.

Mr. Kallos, Coke's executive vice-president of global marketing, announced in December at an investors' meeting that the company would be unveiling a new coffee line called Far Coast.

Where better to test the latest in coffee pretentiousness? If the Yorkville crowd will buy whatever overpriced swill Coke cooks up, the rest of the yuppie and trendster crowd will surely follow.

Source: National Post

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Alan said...

You big coffee snob.