Sunday, April 30, 2006

The First 100 Days

Look at this list of accomplishments of the Harper government during its first 100 days.

Shut down aid to Hamas.
Appointed the first Supreme Court justice ever to face questioning from Parliament.
Faced down Bernard Shapiro and won.
Visited Afghanistan and buried the peacekeeping myth for good.
Settled the softwood lumber dispute.
Forced the Parliamentary Press Gallery to do real reporting instead of recycling press releases.

Think back to the first 100 days of the Martin government.

That's the difference between leadership campaigning and leadership.


Anonymous said...

harper settled the softwood lumber dispute? come know better.

E J Hosdil said...

As an American, I have to congradulate you Canadians on winning the soft wood lumber issue. It is a good thing that I don't live in a lumber State like Oregon, or I'd really be bitter against Canada.

On the other hand, the issue was also political. If our two countries both had different leaders, I doubt that there would be such an agreement.