Saturday, April 22, 2006

Four Canadians Killed In Afghanistan

Let not their sacrifice be in vain.

What Canada has pledged to do, must be carried through to the end.


Anonymous said...

And lets not forget the ranting by the CIC president Mr.Muhammad Elmasry who felt more concerned about the alleged "Islamophobia" and Alleged hate-crimes against Muslims in Canada if our soldiers are killed in Afghanistan.
I no longer trust any Muslim and will force them to EARN that trust from me,citing a verse from the Quran or saying they are a Peaceful Muslims says far less that actual deeds and charity.

Being in a Mosque every Friday makes them no more a Muslims than living in a garage would make me a car,perception becomes reality when Muslims in Canada remain silent on terrorism by other Muslims, or just revert to the "They weren't TRUE Muslims" line like on the CBC when interviewed .
CAIR-Canada,CIC,MCC,CAF,and all the other bogus Charities Org.'s will not,nor have condemned the actual Muslims doing the murdering for Allah.

Watch for the tell tail omissions by the "The Quran forbids the killing of INNOCENT CIVILIANS " ,or Islam means PEACE.
Then read the english Quran to get the definition of INNOCENT and CIVILIAN ,and read how Muhammed attained PEACE by slaughtering all his opponents that didn't submit(arabic word is ISLAM) to Allah and become Muslims.
Ironically,CAIR's website give a BIO on Muhammed and one excerpt tells how Muhammed told his followers to flee to a local CHRISTIAN culture ruled by a King because they would be safe since Christians aren't war makers or violent in nature.

If Muhammed had to advice people to flee to a Christian country for protection, then that explains all the middle east and African Muslims coming here to escape Sharia-Law based Islamic Nations.

Anonymous said...

I can expect Niel Young to make a song for it, no doubt it will be called Kandahar.

Tin soldiers and Harper comin
4 dead in Kandahar
4 dead in kandahar
4 dead in Kandahar

Tin soldiers and Harper comin..........blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

steve said...

Conservative government will no longer lower the flag to half-mast every time a Canadian soldier is killed.