Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Belinda Bucks

Belinda Stronach's betrayal of party and lover just made her a little wealthier than before:

Human Resources Minister Belinda Stronach stands to make $15-million as she sells all of her holdings in Magna International Inc. to abide by conflict-of-interest rules for members of cabinet, public disclosure documents show.

In addition, Ms. Stronach sold about $4.6-million worth of shares in her family's auto-parts company shortly after she entered cabinet last spring.

Asked yesterday what she plans to do with the money, Ms. Stronach said: “I think I have to put it in the bank and save.”

In an agreement with the federal government's Ethics Commissioner that was released over the weekend, Ms. Stronach has also signed an undertaking to recuse herself from cabinet discussions on issues dealing with the automotive and steel industries, as well as some international tax treaties.

How much the worse for cabinet not to have the benefit of Belinda's wide and detailed knowledge of such matters during their discussions.

That's why the Liberals lured her over, right?

Source: Globe and Mail


Anonymous said...

According to the post today, she is also giving away her salary as cabinet member to a charity. I was worried that she would end up living in a van, down by the river, but fortunately she has millions upon millions to keep her going.

Anonymous said...

Actually, she is no wealthier, just more liquid. She had the wealth before, just not in the form of cash.