Saturday, September 10, 2005

Strange Allegiance

If any one doubts that the European Union's ultimate ambition is to reduce its members from sovereign states to provinces ruled from Brussels, the proposed oath of allegiance to the European Union should dispel them:

Traditionally anyone taking UK citizenship has to swear an oath to HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

But under a new plan floated from Brussels, immigrants would have to take a solemn vow to the ambitious EU and its Charter of Fundamental Rights.

The EU oath is the brainchild of Europe’s justice commissioner Franco Frattini, who insists it will help immigrants integrate.

But this one’s not going over on furious British MEPs who warn that it’s just a sneaky bid to oust the Queen as head of state.

Frattini boasts he is winning support for an EU-wide "oath of faithfulness" for all settlers.

Imagine if Canadians had to swear a specific oath of allegiance to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Criticism thereof could be construed by some fanatical Liberals as a treasonous or seditious act. As a practical matter, it already is.

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