Monday, September 19, 2005

Changing Places Update

Two months ago, a British Columbia hockey mum sought to give her daughter the right to be leered at, maybe even groped, by her horny teenage teammates in the locker room. She has succeeded:

After a series of meetings with a human rights mediator this summer, Jane Emlyn of Lumby, in the Okanagan Valley, feels "a little vindicated" by B.C. Hockey's new coed dressing-room policy.

"It was just a matter of time," Emlyn said. "There are too many girls playing hockey -- it was inevitable."

Emlyn lodged a complaint because she felt her 14-year-old daughter Jewel's rights were violated when girls were barred from using the same changing rooms as the rest of their minor league hockey teams.


Under the B.C. policy, boys on integrated teams must have a minimum of shorts on, and girls shorts and a T-shirt, while in a coed dressing room.

When boys' and girls' dressing rooms are available, they will be used to change separately. When separate facilities don't exist, players will undress in shifts, and the minority gender gets first dibs on the showers before the rest of the team gets their turn.

This policy will break down ten seconds after the coach pops out of the locker room. Some girl is going to be sexually harassed or assaulted by a teammate, and then the whole matter of mixed-sex changing rooms will be back before the Human Rights Commission.

The same people who demanded the practice in the first place will be the first ones to demand a stop to it, on exactly the same grounds of "humiliation" and "exclusion".

Source: Edmonton Journal


The Fog is Clearing said...

The stupidity of some people knows no bounds.

Mark said...

Right on, L.