Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Chickenhawks Coming To Roost?

Many people will be outraged at the suggestion that there is a connection between support by the Liberals, NDP and Bloc for homosexual marriage and these same parties' opposition to raising the age of consent for sex from 14 to 16.

But consider that Canada's largest homosexual rights lobby wants the age for consent to anal sex lowered from 18 to whatever the age of consent ends up being eventually:

C-313 is opposed by the majority of MPs from the Bloc Quebecois, the NDP and Liberals.

"It is an amendment to the Criminal Code to prevent adults from preying on children," (Conservative MP Rick) Casson said.

The bill would be "one more tool in the war chest our police can use to protect children against predators."


If the age of consent is changed, it should be done so "across the board," said Calgary's Stephen Lock, on the national board of Egal, which promotes equality for gays and lesbians.

Mr. Lock pointed to the Criminal Code clause that sets the age of consent for anal sex at 18. "Susie and Johnny can consent to have sex and it's not a criminal act. Tommy and Johnny, if they have anal sex and they're not 18, their sexual expression is criminalized."

If the age of consent isn't raised to 16, you can bet that the homosexual lobby will succeed eventually into having the age of consent for sodomy lowered to 14. The chickenhawks who prey on pubescent boys--the same sort of men who, as Catholic priests in the United States, were responsible for the bulk of sexual abuse in the Church--will demand it.

Not publicly, of course, but they'll be taking cover behind the same arguments of "fairness" and "equality" that won them the legal capacity to contract civil marriage.

Source: Ottawa Citizen


The Fog is Clearing said...

Sexual expression criminalized my eye.

These people are sick and depraved.
God Help them.

darcey said...

I wish you hadn't written this one - Its getting me all worked up!!!