Monday, September 12, 2005

CBC Lockout Watch, Day 29

We've gone almost a full month without regular CBC programming and the Annex still hasn't degenerated into riot and rapine, though they're hitting the Sauternes pretty heavily.

CBC and CMG reached an impasse over the weekend.

Management's take:

Unfortunately, there are approximately twenty issues still outstanding – including most of the significant issues, such as Employment Status, Workforce Adjustment, Demonstrated Occupational Qualifications and Job Evaluation. In addition, there are outstanding issues where the Corporation has proposed status quo or better on items like Annual Leave, Program Managers and Training and Professional Development, but our proposals have been rejected by the CMG.

Union's take:

Discussions continue to be constructive. However, there are significant challenges ahead, particularly in negotiations on employment status and layoff and recall.

Is CMG putting a brave face on the fact that the impasse will not be broken any time soon?

Toronto Star entertainment reporter Murray Whyte has a scathing review of locked-out CBC journalists' podcasts and campus radio shows. Conclusion: leave the amateur broadcasting to trained and qualified amateurs. And stop talking about the lockout, already!

Our Public Airwaves has published the full text of Senator Marjory LeBreton's fan letter. She describes the CBC attitude perfectly: if CBC doesn't report it, it isn't news.

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