Thursday, September 15, 2005

Revolution Cancelled Due To Lack Of Interest

How can you tell that Gloria Galloway's call to revolt against Stephen Harper is beyond ridiculous? When even the Liblogs won't answer it!

Blue Grit:

Simply put, if three failed Liberal candidates who garnered collectively less than 20000 votes started calling for Paul Martin's resignation, no one would take them seriously. And no one should take this seriously. The media has been continually unfair with Conservative party inner-workings, trying to find some kind of fault line. Talk of all the resignations and firings in Harper's office? Well, that's politics. Martin's office has taken resignations and handed out firings too, but it doesn't get repported. Also, the party supposedly ready to fall apart at the convention? Overblown hyperbole.

Calgary Grit:

If the CPC in Quebec is the same as the Liberal Party in Alberta, I imagine anyone who wants a nomination in a riding like that, gets it. If the Liberal candidates in Crowfoot, Macleod, and Peace River came out demanding Paul Martin resign, it would mean absolutely nothing. People who run in ridings like this aren't necessarily "key" members of the party.

As for the rest? A few snide comments, but mostly silence.

The Libloggers know a leadership revolt when they see one. Four nobodies in Quebec isn't even a ripple on the ocean.

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Scott A. said...

But yet the media used it to try to create an image that the CPC is faltering under Harper's leadership. Hell will freeze over before something like that would get reported about the Liberals.