Monday, September 19, 2005

CBC Lockout Watch, Day 36

The CBC board of directors will gather at an undisclosed location in Montreal, presumably to plot their next moves in the lockout. This will be the baptism of fire for the new chairman, Guy Fournier. How he handles this meeting may well determine whether the lockout ends this week or in March.

CMG wants to appear before the board, citing concerns that management has been blocking the board from speaking to the unions. Management can do that here, because Robert Rabinovitch isn't really answerable to the board, but to Parliament (in reality, to PMO). This should change, for the board's sake, and for the CBC's.

In lieu of the CMG, however, they may wish to send Pedro the Locked Out Gnome. He's plastic, inert, and impervious to criticism; a perfect representative of the CMG!

Matt Watts thinks that if the CBC and CMG replaced their male negotiators with women, the lockout would end quickly.

My own experience with women managers and bosses indicates would suggest otherwise. Arguing with them or seeking agreement on contentious issues is like herding cats.

They're the worst for sticking the knife in, too; the last woman boss I had was all smiles and compliments right up to the day she fired me.

Parliament reconvenes on September 26. Michaelle Jean becomes governor general the next day. CBC will not be there to cover either event. Nor the opening of the new NHL season. Nor any other magical date by which everyone hopes the CBC will end the lockout. Numerology and astrology will not bring an end to the lockout (though they might be behind both sides' strategy).

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another lisa said...

I have seen similar things re: women as bosses and managers... especially women lawyers... but its just as bad with most men... they just need people with a good track record for negotiating.