Friday, September 16, 2005

CBC Lockout Watch, Day 33 1/3

From The Globe and Mail:

CBC will not cover Michaelle Jean's installation as governor general on September 27, rather than face a confrontation over the picket line.

So the CBC will be denied the chance to broadcast a spectacle of fulsome praise for Mme. Jean and shameless self-congratulation for having proven once again that only the CBC can train and provide the right sort of people for the vice-regal office.

Michael Moore is upset that CBC is airing his incendiary documentary, Bowling for Columbine, on Sunday night during the lockout:

"I do not want my film being broadcast on the network unless it is willing to let its own workers back in to work and promises to bargain with them in good faith," Mr. Moore said in a statement Friday.

"CBC has locked out its union workers, an action that is abhorrent to all who believe in the rights of people to collectively bargain. Why the great and honourable CBC is behaving like an American corporation is beyond me."

That's going to hurt. If there's anything the CBC prides itself on being, it is being the antithesis of all things American, for good or for ill. They weren't there to lead the anti-American media parade during Hurricane Katrina, and having one of the CBC's biggest heroes whack them publicly just adds salt to the wound.

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