Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Real Canadian Fighting Men

Canada's elite Joint Task Force 2 has been ridding the world of Taliban and Al-Qaeda scum without hesitation or apology:

OTTAWA -- Canadian special forces troops have killed and captured Taliban and al-Qaida fighters in Afghanistan, the head of defence operations acknowledged in an unprecedented look at his secretive commando unit.

Brig.-Gen. Mike Ward wouldn't confirm numbers, but he told a media briefing Tuesday that Joint Task Force 2 has been involved in multiple operations with U.S. and other coalition forces throughout Afghanistan.

Prisoners have been taken, questioned and turned over to U.S. or Afghan authorities with assurances they will be treated humanely and in accordance with elements of the Geneva Conventions, Ward said.

JTF2 is involved in ''important and dangerous missions,'' Ward said, adding no Canadians have been kille ''If we are going to keep the (enemy) at arms' length from these Afghani officials and protect them from murder and assassination ... we have to engage in combat operations that take the offensive into the mountains, into the remote regions where they have their bases and their sanctuaries and keep them off-guard.''

No nonsense about Canada's mythical 100-year tradition of peacekeeping here! JTF2 is not only trained to fight, but it's a damn sight better at it than anyone else in Canada.

If the Forces want to recruit the right sort of men, they need to present them more stories like this. The type who sign up just for the college money or who believe the stories about being social workers with rifles won't make a fighting force fit to stand alongside our enemies and to put the fear of Allah in our enemies.

The men of JTF2 will take their place in Canadian military history alongside the men who fought at Vimy, Juno Beach and Kapyong.

And the jihadis will tremble when they hear their name.

Source: National Post

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