Sunday, September 11, 2005

CBC Lockout Watch, Day 28

Conservative Senator Marjory LeBreton echoes the hopes of fellow Tories across the land with her desire that the CBC lockout continue through the upcoming election:

In a letter to an Ottawa newspaper, she cited poll numbers that suggested NDP and Liberal supporters missed CBC coverage the most.

"The lockout has deprived them of their biggest cheerleaders on the national scene," LeBreton wrote in a letter published in the Sept. 12 edition of the Hill Times newspaper.

"As far as I am concerned, I hope it takes months to settle the CBC lockout.

"The thought of going through a national election campaign inconveniencing those Liberal and NDP supporters who rely on the CBC is truly something to look forward to."

A fond hope, but one that will surely be dashed. The Liberal government will intervene just before an election call with binding arbitration or back to work legislation, if necessary, to get the CBC up and running.

The absence of CBC's anti-American rhetoric during Hurricane Katrina was an inconvenience; an election campaign without the CBC propaganda machine would be a disaster.

Al Jazeera has vacancies for journalists, producers, technicians and just about every other position in its English-language service. Neil MacDonald and Adrienne Arsenault would be naturals, although they might face some stiff competition from this distinguished American commentator and the editorial staff of this esteemed publication.

Agreement has been reached on producer's authority. One step at a time.

Despite a call to CMG members to rig this Globe and Mail online poll, the voice of the Canadian people could not be silenced! 59% of respondents said NO when asked if Canada needs the CBC!

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Anonymous said...

Outside of Toronto, how many people give a rats ass about the Globe and Mail? If you live outside of a large city, it's yesterdays news before it arrives in the news stands.
Even without CBC, the Tories are a collection of clowns. They don't need CBC to put their feet in there mouths. Maybe if they could get past their navel gazing, they might actually become a politica party.