Monday, September 26, 2005

CBC Lockout Watch, Day 43

The two sides met today in Ottawa with Joe Fontana, but withoutRobert Rabinovitch in the room.

Liza Frulla tells a crowd of bloodthirsty CBCers on Parliament Hill that "we'll see" about firing Rabinovitch after the lockout ends.

Is this the beginning of the end of for the embattled CBC president?

Ouimet the tea lady warns CBCers not to get their hopes up about Joe Fontana's intervention:

He's a no-name politician: not only is he the last guy we want help from, but the one least likely to help. And there’s not much he can do.

But of course, Joe has already won. He’s thrown some muscle around, shut down negotiations for 2 days, ordered everyone to Ottawa, and shown Canadians he’s a concerned guy. If things work out, he can take some of the credit, and if they don’t he can spin it any way he needs to so that he comes out on top. This is how a no-name politician gets a little higher.

I just wouldn't expect much more out of it than that.

Perhaps the Labour Minister can't settle the lockout by himself, but he can remind both sides that his party is all that's standing between them and oblivion. And if there should be an election forced upon them....

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