Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Encourage, Advise, And Warn

So Adrienne Clarkson claims to have done:

TORONTO (CP) - Outgoing Gov. Gen. Adrienne Clarkson suggested Wednesday that she played a more significant role than has been revealed up to now during the turmoil that threatened to topple Paul Martin's minority government.

"You may be surprised and interested to know that I am really glad to have participated in (a minority government)," Clarkson said in a speech Wednesday, her largest final engagement and a farewell of sorts.

"My constitutional role has lain in what are called 'reserve powers:' making sure that there is a prime minister and a government in place, and exercising the right 'to encourage, to advise, and to warn,' " she said.

"Without really revealing any secrets, I can tell you that I have done all three."

Clarkson did not provide any details and would not take media questions after her speech to an audience of 200 blue-chip business executives attending an Empire Club lunch.

Encourage Paul Martin to do anything necessary to hold on to power; advise him to ignore non-confidence votes, bribe the NDP and lure Belinda Stronach across the floor; warn him to act fast before Stephen Harper catches on.

In all respects, acting as the very model of a modern governor general!

Source: Yahoo

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