Thursday, July 13, 2006

Milk Money

There are some things one just cannot imagine being sold. Like this:

Breast milk is universally hailed as the ideal food for newborns but you shouldn’t feed your baby just anyone’s milk, Health Canada cautioned Wednesday.

It advised people to be aware of the health risks associated with consuming breast milk bought over the Internet or directly from another person whose medical information may be unknown.

Breast milk is known to promote optimal infant growth and mental development, but can also contain bacteria or viruses like HIV passed from the mother. Any drugs the mother has consumed can also be transmitted. Poor hygiene or improper storage could also cause the milk to spoil.

A quick Internet search turned up plenty of women around North America willing to sell excess breast milk.

I suppose this trade can and should be regulated, but by whom? Health Canada or the Canadian Dairy Commission?

To say nothing of the inspection to say nothing at all.

Source: Halifax Chronicle-Herald

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TrustOnlyMulder said...

ugh...i just read a blog a couple of weeks ago that made me gag. An "artist" is putting a breast milk tasting on display in downtown Toronto.

She is displaying and allowing people to taste breast milk from a variety of mothers.

I am all for mothers who want to breast feed babies, but when they start sharing the fruits of life with grown people, it's time for some people to go find real jobs.

Just so some don't think I am sexist, my wife was just as disgusted!!