Sunday, July 16, 2006

Prayers From Pondicherry

Everything is getting outsourced to India these days: tech support, lab reports, and now, it seems, even Mass intentions:

Catholic churches in Canada and across North America are so short of priests, they are "outsourcing" hundreds of requests for special Masses to priests abroad, especially to India.

Although not many people know about it, the practice has been going on quietly for decades, says Dean Hoge, co-author of the recently released book International Priests in America.

The novel form of outsourcing eases the burden on the dwindling number of Catholic priests here, and it helps impoverished priests abroad who receive a donation of up to $15, compared to the 40 rupees, worth about $1 or so, that they would receive for a similar request in India.

Wonder if they'll outsource confessions and last rites next over the phone from Bangalore?

Source: National Post

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Roy Eappen said...

This also happens in the kerala Churches as well. Many of the Priests in both the Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches in the Uk are now from India. The East will re evangelize the west one day.