Thursday, July 20, 2006

Save Qayyum's Kids

The Cape Breton woman who converted to Islam and married the ringleader of the Toronto 17 jihadi terrorist plotters is now throwing herself on the mercy of the public for charity:

"I needed an avenue to (give) those interested in the condition of his family, mainly myself and our children, an open method to donate directly to our sustenance, as we are now without our 'maintainer,' and are at the mercy of charity," Ms. (Cheryfa MacAulay) Jamal says in a posting on the new Internet site.

"It is my intention, (if Allah wills it to be), to register as a non-profit organization so that sincere people can donate charity to us for as long as my husband remains incarcerated or awaiting trial if he is to ever be granted bail. If he were to be given bail, it would be under the strictest of conditions and he would be unable to earn an income, (like anyone would even hire him now!)."

For the children, I have every sympathy. They need the help.

For her, I have none. She was damn fool enough to convert to this misogynist religion, and damn fool enough to marry a terrorist. Let the Muslim community help her out.

Maybe she should take off that tent and get a job.

Source: Halifax Chronicle-Herald

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Roy Eappen said...

Is there some reason this woman cannot work? We have welfare for the indigent. If she is too stupid to understand these things maybe her family should atke her kids.