Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thanks, But No Thanks

And I bet the pool was crowded and the buffet table lines were too long:

It could be a long trip to Ottawa for Prime Minister Stephen Harper if he decides to mix with the Lebanese evacuees he is ferrying home.

"It was a horrible trip," one after another describe their 13-hour voyage from Beirut to Cyprus when they disembark in the scorching heat here. "People were vomiting, there were no beds, the toilets with filthy.

"There was no air conditioning and they ran out of water," one young women told reporters before storming on board the waiting buses laid on by the Canadian government.

The arrival of the Blue Dawn, the first ship load of Canadians to be evacuated from war-torn Lebanon, was supposed to a joyous occasion.

Instead, the 26 people aboard the Lebanese-owned pleasure boat were disgusted by the conditions on board, particularly when compared to the ships that rescued French and U.S. citizens which loaded at almost the same time as them in Beirut on Wednesday.

Be grateful that you got a boat ride out of Beirut in time at all, out of harm's way, on such short notice. I bet these whiners are among the dual citizens who just conveniently remembered where they left their Canadian passports collecting dust.

Maybe we should leave the next lot of complainers to wait for a luxury cruise ship to pick them up, if they so desire.

Source: National Post


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Yeah, as long as you're throwing up, be grateful, because it means you're still alive!

thots said...

I don't mind anyone describing the conditions or even saying that it was the worst nightmare of their life. But when they start blaming my government who is doing everyting they can and using millions of my tax dollars to do it, to get them home safely -- then as far as I'm concerned they deserve no help. If you can't show a little gratitude then don't take the handout. If conditions were better in the war zone - nothing was stopping any of them from going back.

And I am even more pissed at the press who reports only what is said by the ungrateful whiners. I hope Harper kicks them off the plane every chance he gets.

Omar Soliman said...

"Be grateful that you got a boat ride out of Beirut in time at all, out of harm's way, on such short notice."

Grateful for what? Stop placing categories on Canadian citizenship, you nut-job...there is a racist undertone to most of your posts. You are a disgrace to the Conservative name.

Mike said...


Is it not typical to try a play the racist card.......get a life... stick to the facts....Hey if you dont like the boat ride walk.........Anyone getting out should be grateful......Its not perfect but they got home safely...

BTW omar there are many playing the race card from both sides......many people would like to see Isreal destroyed...lets hope all peoples can live together wihtout your rehtoric.