Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Road Block

Indian bands are applying the lessons of the Ontario government's craven surrender to the Six Nations radicals in Caledonia: cause enough civil disorder and the great white father will give in:

Members of a Saskatchewan aboriginal band have set up a blockade on a provincial highway, saying they'll disrupt traffic until the federal government returns management of the band to local hands.

The Muscowpetung First Nation, which has an operating deficit, was placed under third-party management status six years ago by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada.

Chief Todd Cappo said the blockade, manned by 20 band members, will remain up “24-7” until the department lifts the band's third-party management status, which would give the band back its financial control.

Considering that many, if not most, Indian reserve band councils are run like Third World kleptocracies for the enrichment of the band chief and his cronies, this band must have been exceptionally corrupt for INAC to step in and take over.

And certainly, Chief Cappo expects INAC to fold like a cheap tent out of liberal guilt once the accusations of racism and cultural genocide get thrown around.

But Jim Prentice is not Dalton McGuinty. Prentice knows too much about the tactics used by Indian politicians to fall for them.

But some future Minister will.

And then we will have not one or two Caledonias, but scores.

Source: Globe and Mail

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Jeff said...

Hopefully someone has the balls to send in the police this time!