Sunday, July 09, 2006

Viva L'Italia!

Just got back from Little Italy on College Street, where every bar and restaurant was standing room only and the streets are now filled with every Italian in Toronto, waving flags, honking horns and blowing whistles.

The best team won, in all honesty. It was all over when Zinedine Zidane disgraced himself in his last-ever game for France by headbutting Marco Materazzi in the chest during extra time.

They'll be partying all night in Little Italy.

And deservedly!

Yahoo! has the full story


Haters said...

If you think the best team won, I think you don't know much about football.

Italy couldn't get past midfield in the second part of the game and OT. If that's been better...

Anonymous said...

It's true--Italy did not play as well as they are able...their top game was against Germany, and against France they appeared sluggish. Italy did play well in the 1st half though, with the better chances to score. France didn't exactly look like champions either...and Zidane's pathetic conduct made it even worse. I do not like games decided on kicks--but in the end, I guess it was Italy's time to win a shootout. Forza Italia!