Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Soldier's Complaint

Bitching about army life is the oldest tradition amongst soldiers everywhere. Alexander the Great's men complained about marching through Afghanistan, and the late Cpl. Anthony Boneca was merely following their example.

But the media was quick to read into his statements complete and utter disgust and disillusionment with the Afghanistan mission, because it needs a common soldier to voice their same feelings about the mission.

Too bad that Cpl. Boneca didn't oblige:

A discomfiting squabble has erupted among the loved ones of Cpl. Anthony Boneca on the eve of the return of the soldier’s body from Afghanistan.

Boneca’s father, Antonio, went to the lengths of issuing a public statement Tuesday to refute suggestions that the 21-year-old fallen reservist felt misled and disillusioned with the army before being killed in a furious firefight over the weekend.

Boneca "loved being in the army" and was aware of the situation he was facing, his father insisted.

"In all my conversations with my son, there was never any mention of him not being well enough or fit enough to carry out his military duties."

"He said it was difficult to cope with the weather, the sand, and the situation the young children endured (but) he was proud to make a difference in their lives and said he wished these children could live like we do in Canada."


The elder Boneca’s intervention was in direct contradiction of anguished sentiments expressed by the soldier’s girl-friend, Megan DeCorte, and his best friend, Dylan Bulloch.

They said Boneca was deeply unhappy in Afghanistan and did not feel prepared for the dangerous mission.

"He expected to be on patrol, not fighting a war for someone else," said Larry DeCourte, father of Boneca’s girlfriend Megan. "He wasn’t ready for that," he said.

What active duty soldier hasn't expressed the same sentiments about being sent to some hellhole? Hardly evidence of a massive rebellion within the Army.

But our media elites want their Vietnam moment. And they need their symbol to rally round.

Source: Halifax Chronicle-Herald

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Michael J. Farrand said...

I've started in on a poem about Alexander the Great "The Man Who Conquered the World". Thought you might enjoy it.