Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Volpemania: From Kingmaker To King?

While his fellow leadership candidates remain silent out of prudence or embarrassment, Joe Volpe is bragging that he's got 35,000 signed, sealed and delivered new members, presumably all committed to making him the next leader of the Natural Governing Party (tm).

Were the Liberals holding a one member one vote leadership race, Volpe would one of the front-runners, if not the leading contender.

But even in a delegated vote, Volpe's instant members can still control the selection of at least the GTA delegates. And knowing Volpe, you can be sure his team will have every man Giacomo of them turn out and vote.

Having Volpe win the GTA will embarrass the flood of GTA candidates, especially Ignatieff, Kennedy, and Rae, who should have their backyard nailed down.

Never underestimate Joe Volpe.



Brian Lemon said...

Of course, Volpe's memberships only count for one half each - the members are only one half of voting age.
Me for one hopes he comes through and trashes Iggy, Dryden and Brae while he's at it.

JeffG said...

Anybody check the Liberal rules to see if his major support block, the pre-teen crowd, can even vote?