Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mubin The Mole

All the electronic surveillance tools and techniques in the world by themselves cannot possibly uncover the most reliable information needed to foil the plots of Islamic terrorists; good old-fashioned human intelligence from infiltrators and traitors is still needed, and can make the difference between life and death for innocent people.

Codes can be broken and conversations intercepted, but only people can provide the necessary complete context behind them.

We may never know what inspired Mubin Shaikh to become a CSIS informant. Whether it was genuine disillusionment and disgust with the Islamist cause, or simple resentment towards certain people within it, or even naked greed, the end result is the same: hundreds of people are alive today who wouldn't have been without the information he was providing to CSIS.

And he is now dead man walking:

A man who led a campaign to bring Islamic law to Ontario last year has been identified as the police informant who infiltrated an alleged terrorist cell in Toronto.

While the RCMP warned journalists they were prohibited by law from identifying Mubin Shaikh, the self-professed "fundamentalist" Muslim confirmed his involvement in the investigation to the CBC.

In an interview broadcast yesterday, Mr. Shaikh described how he was recruited by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service into providing information on extremist activities.


Since police charged a dozen adults and five juveniles under the Anti-terrorism Act last month, media reports have indicated that agents working for CSIS and the RCMP had infiltrated the alleged terror group.


Aly Hindy, imam of the Salaheddin Islamic Centre in Scarborough, said he had heard the rumours about Mr. Shaikh, whom he said once attended a meeting of Toronto imams, although he was not an imam himself. "He was like very talkative, you know. He's a young guy."

The intelligence war against Islamism now has its Igor Gouzenko.

Let us hope that it does not also have its Cambridge circle.

Source: National Post


Anonymous said...

Sometimes when you fish you need to use good fish as bait to lure the bigger catch, except in this case I think the B-17 jihadists may have been tossed to the RCMP and general public to lure more Canadians into the Big-Lie that Islam means peace.

Just look at the Muslim wars in iraq, this insane Stairway To Heaven as a martyr for Allah may come to Canada since we are now seeing a line being drawn by Muslims that defines the "True" followers of islam.
I can assure you that any attacks on Mosques will be blamed on Islamophobes to awaken the collective Muslim outrage and desire for revenge, this will start the cycle of violence between Islamists and moderates , Ally Hindy will blame the CIA or "The Jews" to justify more fire-bombing of Jewish schools like the one in Montreal.

BTW, the Khadr boy was on the CBC and he too said he opposed terrorism when he saw Muslims being killed along with the Kufars.
Looks like Muslims can be bought for a mere $377,000.00 , do the math to figure out what value islam puts on a non-Muslim Canadian.

Anonymous said...

I, a Muslim Agent, put my life up for you, the non Muslim Canadian. Gladly, happily and willingly....cuz my Lord commands me so. I may not be the rule and just the exception but what I offer, is exceptional. In Peace.

Anonymous said...

The best coverage of the case - complete with court exhibits, transcripts, videos...can be found at:

A magnificent article.