Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Volpemania: Call The Cops

Nice office you got there, Jim. Shame if anything were to happen to it:

Toronto MP Joe Volpe's rocky campaign for the Liberal leadership just keeps getting more bizarre.

Things got so bad that police were called to settle a dispute between Volpe officials and his former campaign manager, MP Jim Karygiannis.


Post-firing, "Jimmy K" wouldn't let a Volpe official into campaign headquarters in Scarborough to retrieve computers, which held a list of 35,914 new members recently recruited by Karygiannis on candidate Volpe's behalf.

These names are critical. The campaign team must be able to follow through in contacting new Liberals, as well as long-time party members, over the summer. Volpe needs their support in September when Liberals in ridings across Canada choose delegates to the Nov. 28-Dec. 3 leadership convention in Montreal.

"Apparently, the lease was in Mr. Karygiannis's name," Volpe spokesperson Corey Hobbs explained yesterday. "But it's just administrative stuff — a technical glitch."


Tempers flared so hotly last Friday, the Toronto Star has learned, that Karygiannis called police to stop the Volpe official from taking the computers. The offices are in a little shopping centre on Kennedy Rd. north of Lawrence.

When officers arrived from 41 Division, Karygiannis apparently told them it had all been a big misunderstanding and no police report was filed.

The landlord came later and locked up the offices. It now appears that nobody is getting in.

What the Volpe campaign lacks in dignity, it makes up for in entertainment value. Any bets on when the first guy gets sent to jail or the emergency room on this campaign?

Source: Toronto Star

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