Sunday, July 23, 2006

Rent-a-Crowd Marches In Toronto

This is not really news, as such, because you can get 10,000 people to march for any cause in Toronto at the drop of a hat. Print up enough posters and call the right organizations and swarms of the professionally outraged will be at Queen's Park demanding the repeal of the laws of thermodynamics.

This entire article could have been written without actually attending the event because it is the banal reporting the cliched:

Hundreds of red and white Lebanese flags waved on Toronto's downtown streets as thousands of protestors called for an end to the violence in Lebanon.

To the beat of drums, the demonstrators yesterday gathered first at the Israeli consulate on Bloor St. W. before marching to the United States consulate on University Ave.

The horde chanted slogans condemning Israel for the deaths of Lebanese civilians and slammed Prime Minister Stephen Harper's comments calling Israel's response "measured."


Other organizers included the Canadian Peace Alliance, Canadian Arab Federation, Jewish Women's Committee to End the Occupation, and the Muslim United group.

And the Canadian Auto Workers, Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, International Socialists and a few random NDP politicians were there too. Not that I know for sure. But I just know from experience that they'd be there, whether their membership had a real stake in the matter or not.

Source: Toronto Star

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Jim H said...

And, it will be interesting to see how our left-wing media covers this.
I can't wait to watch all the outrage!