Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Scott And The City

Scott Brison loves Toronto.

Toronto doesn't love Scott Brison. Well, except around Church and Wellesley.

But what an embarassingly gushing load of over-emotive, cliche-ridden prose. The sad part is that Brison probably wrote it himself.

But the National Post has hit on a great idea all the same: ask the Liberal leadership candidates what they think of random Canadian communities.

Ask Michael Ignatieff what he thinks about Vegreville, home of the world's largest Ukranian Easter egg.

Get Hedy Fry's opinion about Prince George.

Or any of their opinions on Calgary.

The articles just write themselves.


Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Hedy and I'm here to tell you about Prince Georgie. Do you know that they are using the left over pine beetle trees to make yard crosses to protest Stevies soft wood deal? Then they burn them at night so that all of the Liberal Leaders airplanes headed towards Lebanon can see their way.

enough said...

What a load of self serving crap! Panders to the "center of the universe"tm and their sense of self importance.
Can't wait for Hedy's take next.
Brilliant work by the NP. Get these buttlicking Liberals to profess their love for Canada's most despised city and alienate everyone else.