Thursday, January 11, 2007

Baghdad USA

When will the left demand an immediate withdrawal from the Detroit quagmire?

The vandalization of two Shiite mosques and five Shiite-owned businesses in Detroit, Michigan, has raised the specter of sectarian clashes in the United States.

While police have not yet determined who threw rocks and bricks through the windows of the mosques and businesses, many in the community believe it was an attack by Sunnis, said Dawud Walid, executive director of the Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

The vandalism came a week after the execution in Iraq of Saddam Hussein. Many Sunnis were offended by the way in which local Shiites celebrated his death, Walid said.

The owner of one of the restaurants targeted received a threatening phone call Saturday from a man speaking in Arabic and English who noted that he was a Shiite and said, “You’re going to get yours . . . what goes around comes around,” Walid said.

This almost makes me nostalgic for the days when Detroit's worst problems were race riots. Almost.

Source: Manila Times

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she said...

Do you not find it ironic that the source you quoted was a newspaper/site from half-way around the world while Detroit is pretty much in our own backyard?

The world is definitely shrinking.