Saturday, January 27, 2007

Maitres Chez Nous

The Quebecois may be allegedly more racist than the rest of us in English Canada. Or maybe they care more for the preservation of their identity than we do, as the village council in Herouxville has demonstrated:

The Quebec village of Hérouxville, 1300 inhabitants, has formally banned this week the stoning of women, face veils, female genital mutilation, or throwing acid at unveiled women’s faces, reports Montreal daily La Presse.


The nature of the Hérouxville bans suggests however that local politicians had Quebec Muslims in mind, though not a single Muslim or member of any religious or ethnic minority calls Hérouxville home. But referring to Quebec’s policy of encouraging immigrants to settle outside Montreal, Drouin says it was important to inform potential immigrants of the villages cultural norms: "We must ensure that people who come here want to live as we do", he told La Presse, "The Muslims who wanted to impose Sharia, had they known that we do not stone women here, maybe they would not have come".

In one sense, this resolution is not unlike the resolutions that municipal councils used to pass declaring their jurisdictions nuclear-free zones. Quite naive, and certainly legally unenforcable, but they did express the genuine concern people had about nuclear armageddon.

In another, however, it is a clear signal that people outside Montreal do not want to be flooded by immigrants hostile to their way of life, and will not be bullied by their supposed intellectual superiors into letting it happen.

It does not say that they can't come. It does, however, say that they can't come and turn Quebec into Qatar.

Nobody ever asked the Canadian people if they wanted to be replaced by another people. The good folk of Herouxville, however, will be roundly condemned for their impertinence soon enough.

Source: Judeoscope

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