Friday, January 19, 2007

Our Man Khan

The de facto foreign affairs minister, Wajid Khan, is off to Afghanistan and Pakistan on another fact-finding mission.

These are the facts he will find:

1. It's a troubled situation over there.
2. A lot of them over there have family living in Toronto.
3. We need their votes.

Perhaps the most important fact of all is that Peter MacKay, whose portfolio Khan is supposedly helping him with, has apparently been cut out of the loop on Middle East policy. A sure sign that Stephen Harper places as little faith in MacKay's abilities as I do.

Source: Globe and Mail

1 comment:

wilson61 said...

Since Khan approached PMSH after and because of the homegrown terrorist plots, I assumed he was advising PMSH on domestic policy.

MSM and the Opposition have done the 3 monkeys on homegrown terrorism, PMSH can't.