Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Big Of Him

What this man is doing is a crime today.

Tomorrow, it will be his court-given Charter right:

A Missouri mother is desperately trying to stop her newly married 39-year-old daughter from joining her bigamist husband here in Toronto.

Oliver Killeen, 70, who has been married at least 19 times, moved to Toronto in June 2005 after being freed from jail in England for his illegal 19th marriage. He boasted to the Star in October that he was a "conman" with "at least six girlfriends" in the city, and that he was able to "hypnotize" them. Seventeen of his marriages have been illegal.

Gina Lascuola, a hard-working single mom of a disabled child, met Killeen through a Catholic singles website in March and married him in Niagara Falls on Dec. 28, according to her mother, Debbie Lascuola.

She believes her daughter learned of Killeen's past before she married him, but married him anyway after spending only a few days with him on two visits to Canada in December.

Gina insists "she loves Oliver and we're not going to stop her from being with him. That's pretty much how all of her conversations have gone – that he is a changed man," says Debbie Lascuola. "We don't believe it."

Read more about this charming spalpeen here.

Such a shame for the progressives at the Toronto Star to take a censorious attitude towards a man whose only crime is that he loves more than one woman at the same time. If he were homosexual, the Star would be demanding the courts let him take several "husbands" (wives? spouses? tops? bottoms?) at once.

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