Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Kinsella's Regrets

Warren Kinsella will probably sue me for saying this, but the evidence bears it out: he is a litigious jackass.


Warren K said...

Not at all. Just suggest that you are a coward. You throw around insults, and don't use your real name.

Anonymous said...

Warren, since you're here paying attention...

“Advertising through Bourque Newswatch makes great sense for all the reasons I’ve outlined so far. But don’t just take my word for it.

Have a look at the list of clients who count on us to get their message seen, heard, and actioned: Air Canada, Liberal Party Of Canada, New Democratic Party of Canada, Conservative Party of Canada, Ontario Chamber of Commerce, BMO, Canadian Renewable Fuels Association, PC Party of Ontario, Glaxo Smithkline, Canwest-Global, Canadian Payday Loan Association, Canadian Medical Association, Friends of the CBC, Rick Mercer's Report on CBC, Canadian Chemical Producers Association, Canadian Labour Congress, Canadian Medical Association, Labatt's, IPEX Thermoplastic Piping, Rx&D, Forest Products Association of Canada, Canadian Alliance, Fitness Industry Canada, Canadian Tire, Canadian Labour and Business Centre, Rittenhouse, TDBank, Liberal Party of Ontario, Belinda Stronach Leadership Campaign, John Tory Mayoralty Campaign, Marijuana Party, Saskatchewan NDP, Canadians For Equal Marriage, Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation, Vancouver Film School, Summa Strategies, Pollara, SES Research, Biotech.Ca, Prospectus Associates, BC Liberal Party, Canadian Foundation for Innovation, Riley Information Services, Compaq, CIBC, Cadillac, CasinoAcura.Com, SportsBetting.Com…and many, many more!”

The only federal Party not listed is the Bloc.

Lists both the Ontario Liberals and PCs.

Anonymous said...

Where is the insult? You are a bipolar jackass and you are litigious. Two uncontroverted truths put together!

We're all cheering for Earnscliff, btw.

Mark Dowling said...

Have to agree with kinsella. If you're going to call someone out, put your name behind it.