Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pre-Emptive Strike

The Tories have learned a valuable lesson from the mau-mauing of Stockwell Day in 2000: attack the new leader early and often during his honeymoon and pull the rug out from under him before he can find his footing again:

The Conservatives have unveiled three new television ads directly attacking newly minted Liberal Leader Stephane Dion.

The English-language ads, which begin airing immediately and will be followed by a second series of French ads, assert that Dion is a weak leader who would take the country back to the past.

They also assert that he was a flop as environment minister, charging that greenhouse gas emissions went up and air quality went down under Dion's watch.

The ads use footage from last fall's Liberal leadership debates, including clips of Michael Ignatieff, now Dion's deputy leader, and Ken Dryden admitting that the Liberals failed to meet the Kyoto targets for emission reductions.

People deplore negative advertising in much the same way that they deplore gossip: condemn it to your face, relish it behind your back.

Now is the time to force Dion on the defensive when he has an actual record to be defensive about.

Source: CTV


chester said...

And the media are coming to their defence as if somebody just insulted their kid sister, crying "attack" "attack".

Close family bonds tend to do that though.

hunter said...

They aren't "attack" ads, they are "truth" ads, how can the Liberals respond, how can they fight their own words? Too funny.

Scott said...

When you have the deck stacked against you right from the start, you have to be creative. The election will take place before the end of 2007, so by using your own money to explain a point of view which is totally based on fact, you have not allowed the Liberals/CBC/CTV/Toronto Star/Globe and Mail to define you for the voters.
To do less than this is suicidal.

Anonymous said...

What a pile of bunk. The left leaning media crowd would have you to believe that Canadians have no appetite for these ads because it would seem as though we Conservatives are telling them what to think. Well HELLO OUT THERE , these are the very words of mister Dion , and there does not seem to be a problem with the leftist's/Media crowd telling us what to think on a daily basis.

I applaud this move to snub the media , at party expence I might add .No adscam money being tossed around for the leftist political propaganda machine on this one. Honest tax paying Conservative dollars at work. I find it interesting that playing back Dion's words is likened to attacks, but painting Mr. Harper as a Nazi with guns on our streets in Canada was qualified as "unforntunate". Listening to CTV question period lead story then with Iggy for 22 minutes consumed 25 minutes of air time . Then listening to the leftist panel of 2 of 3 party's, and the Stragegic Council crap amounted to 56 dedicated minutes to Doom , and Gloom , Fear and Smear from the CTV media which goes on day after day after day.

The media crowd needs to be put on notice. We cannot rely on them to report truthfully or with any degree of balance. Right on , It is hillarious listening to these squalling crying thumb sucking cry babies. That tells me that the course of action is right.