Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Spanish Fly

Apologist for Fidel Castro's regime never tire of reminding us that Cuba has the world's finest public health care system.

So fine is it, that in his dying days, Castro has decided to go to Spain for his palliative care:

Fidel Castro was rumoured to be having hospital treatment in Spain.

According to internet reports, the Cuban dictator is staying in a restricted wing of the Gregorio Maranon Hospital in Madrid.

He is said to have arrived on the same plane as the Spanish surgeon who flew to Cuba last week to treat him at the request of the island's authorities.

Jose Luis Garcia Sabrido, who works at Gregorio Maranon has denied reports that Castro, 80, is suffering from cancer.

The surgeon said he was recovering well from stomach surgery to repair a problem with his digestive system.

Details of Castro's health problems remain a closely-guarded secret although Cuban authorities have denied he has terminal cancer, as U.S. intelligence officials have claimed.

Sceptics may point to actual photographic and anecdotal evidence to demonstrate why Castro has suddenly decided not to trust his life to the system that he built. But of course, we all know that it's propaganda produced by CIA-backed Miami-based exiles, and that Castro's trip to Spain is simply for a holiday change in scenery.

(Incidentally, Baltazar Garzon hasn't popped up to slap an arrest warrant on Castro while he's in the country. But we're sure that it is simply an oversight on the good judge's part.)

Source: Daily Mail

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