Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hostile Climate

Meet the 21st century American Lysenkoists:

The Weather Channel’s most prominent climatologist is advocating that broadcast meteorologists be stripped of their scientific certification if they express skepticism about predictions of manmade catastrophic global warming. This latest call to silence skeptics follows a year (2006) in which skeptics were compared to "Holocaust Deniers" and Nuremberg-style war crimes trials were advocated by several climate alarmists.

The Weather Channel’s (TWC) Heidi Cullen, who hosts the weekly global warming program "The Climate Code," is advocating that the American Meteorological Society (AMS) revoke their "Seal of Approval" for any television weatherman who expresses skepticism that human activity is creating a climate catastrophe.

Coming up next: dissent from the political orthodoxy regarding anthropogenic global warming as a hate crime. Why not? If anthropogenic global warming is expected to kill off much of mankind, and Kyoto is the solution thereto, then opposition to Kyoto must perforce have a genocidal intent.

Source: Small Dead Animals


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I've seen any supposed scientific body so adverse to scepticism and climatology.

It reminds of scientific pioneers like Galileo, Kepler, and Newton that faced similar oppression from the church.

William E. Demers said...

What's so incredible about it is the fact that they are censoring anyone who challenges it. These tactics are brutal. Science has replaced Organized Religion in terms of its influence and political agendas.

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

Some chick on the Weather channel makes a comment and we get references to Soviet oppression, Galileo, Kepler and Newton's suppression by the Catholic Church, and the transformation of science into organized religion???

Who's being alarmist here again?

If you think the person who threw eggs at your house was being too extreme, the answer is not to firebomb their house.

Anonymous said...

Lord Kitchener you really need to keep track of what you're reading.

Questioning suppression of critical thought is a fair statement.

Also, you call her a chick [sexist], others call her "the Weather Channel’s most prominent climatologist"

Your comments continue to be strange to say the least, especially your "Scientists have a theory that human activity has dramatically effected the Earth's natural warming and cooling cycles that have taken place over hundreds, and even thousands of years.".

Lord Kitchener's Own said...


The "chick" bit was meant to cause a stir, so I was being deliberately provocative. Not nearly as provocative as comparing someone from the Weather Channel (even if she is their "most prominent" climatologist) to the Soviet regime's oppression and Catholic suppression of Galileo.

I'm sorry, but no matter how brilliant or prominent, no one from the Weather Network can be pointed to as an example of the supposed "transformation of science into religion". It's the Weather Network people. Get a grip.

As for the other quote, my language was inprecise. But it's impolite to criticise somone's comment to post A in Post B, so I'lll leave my response to that comment where the comment was left, if I have time.