Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cuban Party

When Fidel Castro finally dies, progressives around the world will be in deep mourning for the man whose tyrannical power they wish they could have exercised against their own enemies in the free world.

Miami, however, will throw a party:

The city commission earlier this month appointed a committee — whose official job is to "Discuss an event at the Orange Bowl in case expected events occur in Cuba" — to plan the party. Such a gathering has long been part of the city's Castro death plan, but firming up the specifics has become more urgent since Castro became ill last summer and turned over power to his brother, Raul.

City Commissioner Tomas Regalado, a Cuban American, came up with the idea of using the venue for an event timed to Castro's demise. The Orange Bowl was the site of a speech by President Kennedy in 1961 promising a free Cuba and in the 1980s it served as a camp for refugees from the Mariel boatlift.

Castro "represents everything bad that has happened to the people of Cuba for 48 years," Regalado said. "There is something to celebrate, regardless of what happens next. ... We get rid of the guy."

The same people who no doubt broke open the champagne when Ronald Reagan died (and who cheered when George W. Bush was shot in Death of a President ) will be condemning the Cuban community in Miami for doing the same thing.

Source: Fox News

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